Video and audio material courtesy of Piotr Gozdek
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An informal interview with Piotr Gozdek - a young, talented guy with an
artistic flair
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Tomek: Today I'm talking to Piotr Gozdek - a young talented artist from Siedlce. Piotrek, since you were born music has seemed to play an important role in your life. So actually, when did you start singing?
Piotrek: My adventure with music began when I was four. It was my first time on stage singing in front of real audience.
Tomek: Did you have stage fright?
Piotrek: Frankly speaking,  I don't remember. It was long time ago.
Tomek: What happened next?
Piotrek: At the age of ten I recorded my first album - a collection of five Christmas carols titled "A Little Star".  Then I was playing instruments, singing and dancing for a while. And finally with Iza Radzikowska my friend from secondary school we decided to record something together. We'd known each other since lower secondary school and been attending some interscholastic singing competitions before. The project was called PeterBeth.
Tomek: I must admit I've already seen your video material on YouTube. You must be a versatile person playing  different  instruments and singing at the same time. Unbelievable!
Piotrek: I was indeed. And there's a funny story about this music video. We didn't have much luck with the first man we called. However, we didn't give up and found a recording studio and the right man at last. The only thing was we had to make a video clip the very same day. We began recording at ten p.m. and finished at midnight. It was the fastest clip I've ever made. 
Tomek: What are you working on at the moment?
Piotrek: At present I'm working with some friends on a jazz and funk project . One of them is a drummer from PodobaMiSię, namely Piotr Sidorowicz.
Tomek: Yes, I've heard about the group.
Piotrek: But I think I'm more into sound engineering than singing. I'm thinking seriously of studying at the Departament of Sound Engineering in Warsaw. The Frederic Chopin University of Music was one of the first established in the world and highly esteemed. Jan Jakub Mularzuk who specializes in mixing, re-mixing and recording music helps me with my projects.
Tomek: Now let's talk about your private life. You're so young. Which secondary school do you go to?
Piotrek: I attend secondary school no 2 in Siedlce.
Tomek: I know that school. I used to study there as well. How are you doing in Królówka?
Piotrek: Going there I though I wouldn't have time for anything else but learning.  Now I'm really happy I ended up in Królówka. Great people, understanding teachers and what's the most important I find time for almost everything I want.
Tomek: Piotrek, What's your favourite pastime?
Piotrek: In my free time I love playing football. I play regularly - once or twice a week. It really helps let off steam.
Tomek: It was nice talking to you, Piotrek. I wish you good luck in making all your dreams come true.
Piotrek: Thank you. Same to you!
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